7 Ways to make the most of 

time at home

How to use your at-home time productively to make the most of every day

While we’re at home during this self-isolation period, it can be used to get back to our hobbies, resetting back to simpler pleasures - to be able to enjoy them in their entirety without distractions.

Quality time with close ones 

An aspect of this current climate is that we have extra time to spend with our nearest and dearest.

The start of the day can establish the feeling and mood of the day. A perfect way to begin is with a family breakfast, which in our normal lives may not be always possible. In the day, reconvening for afternoon tea and cakes will be enjoyed together as a simple luxury. 

If you happen to live on your own, we have access to great technology to catch up with our friends and family such as Zoom, House Party, Skype and Facetime. Although, this may not provide the same feel as a face-to-face meet up, a long chat while being able to see your loved ones can be very fulfilling.  

Slow down, reset and relax

We now have extra time on our hands at home with reduced working hours and travel on hold for the moment. This spare time can be an opportunity to slow ourselves down, reset and relax our minds. 

Try whenever possible to spend time without your phone or electronic devices for a small period of time. A simple way could be during breakfast, as you watch the sun rise with your cup of tea or in the evening by enjoying that long awaited soak in the bath.

If you can structure your time, it will be much easier to organise your time effectively to be able to spend time on yourself.

Redesign your space

As we spend most of our time indoors, a popular method to use the time is to redecorate a room or two, or to simply refresh an existing space. A simple repaint of a front door or a bedroom, landing or utility room can be the first step to making a big difference. Next, try adding new colours and accessories to really project your personality onto the room.

Create quality time

As we mentioned previously, this moment in time can be used to invest your time in what you care the most about. A good place to start is an old hobby you haven’t practiced in some time or by simply reading a book. As the weather becomes warmer, we can now enjoy our gardens or balcony’s, a fantastic place to enjoy some peace and quiet for a good book. Remember to take a blanket and make yourself comfortable. This time can also be used for some forward thinking; if you’ve ever wanted to try a new skill while we have more time on our hands. A new language, drawing/painting or a small business plan can be invigorating to start now. Set yourself a number of goals to achieve, with some effort and determination you will be on your way.

Improve your cooking skills

We are now eating at home for the majority of our meals and are able to prepare to cook at a reasonable time without our commuting journeys. This is the ideal time to find the opportunity to improve our baking and cooking skills. A whole new style of cuisine can be mastered with plenty of recipes available online.


An important aspect to remember is our health and fitness; we can up our levels of activity by implementing some exercise time into our daily routines. A light jog in our garden, some yoga or weighted exercises can be achieved at home quite easily. There are plenty of online videos for body weight exercises and even live classes for Pilates or yoga. If you prefer to train with others or sometimes lack the motivation, sign up your friends for a weekly workout session to keep up with your goals.

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