How to design a productive
home office space

Discover five design tips to maximise your productivity

Working from home has become the norm for a number of us. Whether this is a permanent arrangement or only short term, a suitable home office environment is essential to keep your productivity flowing. It can be a challenging task to create a dedicated space that is free from distractions and promotes productivity. It may be the kids, housemates or the temptation of Netflix that distracts you from your work. Along with the basic rules of getting up and dressed (lounge wear works too) on time, to work from home effectively you need a space to get into the right mindset, ‘work mode’. Follow these five easy design tips to create a WFH workspace that will transform your home office and enjoy the productivity and work satisfaction that follows.

Find the perfect spot

First, a space needs to be chosen to work in. Most of us won’t have a purpose built study room, so a spare guest room, your bedroom, living rooms, kitchen or dining rooms can be used. It’s important this space isn’t used frequently during the day to avoid distractions in your working hours. The key is to find a suitable flat surface, where there’s enough space to fit a comfortable chair underneath. If you’re staying on the sofa, a side table makes all the difference. Should the space serve another purpose, just make sure to tidy your work away to not be reminded of it at other times.

Get and stay organised

If your workspace is organised and clutter-free, it will help tremendously in keeping a clear mind. Invest in desk accessories with storage to ensure your stationary and other work tools are easy to reach for and find when needed. This approach will keep your desk tidy and result in a calm space to work within, which ultimately boosts your productivity. As you may find yourself working in a space that is multifunctional, adaptable storage is key as it allows you to set up of your workspace relatively quickly in the morning. When it’s time to unwind and finish for the day, placing them away in their storage at the end of the day is nice and easy. 


Natural light is the key to staying energised and focused throughout the day. If possible, keep your desk near a window or work in a space with natural light, leave the curtains open and a window for a breath of fresh air. Throughout the day, as the sun moves, set up some lamps in your space to maintain a good level of light, this is especially important for your eyes when using phones and computers. The soft glow of a desk lamp or floor standing lamp will prevent screen glare compared to overhead lighting.

Home comforts

The space should be inviting and comfortable, tactile accessories will help you create a comfortable environment that helps you stay focused and settled throughout the day. A mixture of cushions, throws and blankets make the space more inviting and easier to stay seated. 

Make it your own 

A clean, organised desk assists a clear focused mind, however it’s crucial to have a variety of materials, colour and accessories to express your own personal style and taste. This approach gives your space a welcoming feeling; somewhere that makes the working day a more pleasurable experience. Using your favourite materials in a mixture will add texture, such as marble, metals and wood. Accents of colour and different metals give a touch of glamour. Artistic elements such as sculptures can act as a useful paperweight or your favourite wall art can help fill empty blank walls, giving a boost of creativity and inspiration.

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